29 April 2011

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05 February 2011

Peer Gynt (costume)

After we designed our characters (monkey) from the Ibsen play 'Peer Gynt' we had 4 weeks to make the costume and to put on a 'fashion show' with Costume Design and Costume Interpretation 2nd and 3rd years


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26 January 2011


Our second project in my 2nd year in uni was creating the costume for the opera 'The Mikado'.
I decided to go down the route of having the groups of characters in 'uniforms' so you could definitely tell which group they were part of. I based the characters in Japan, with the Mikado being a Yakuza leader, his run away son being a grebby music player, and the court being the gang members. Thew school girls I put in a Japanese school uniform, but when getting married; i put them in traditional Japanese outfit. And Katisha (the middle aged woman who wants the Mikado's son) I made her an aging hostess- an old time favorite of the Mikado. Had a lot of fun on this project- not to sure i like the final designs though...not got a drawing style i feel comfortable in yet.

The Mikado and his guards
Pooh-Ba (pre-final design)
Pish-Tush (pre-final design)Pish-Tush (back view), KoKo and Pooh-Ba

Nanki-poo, Pish-Tush and other court members
The school Girls (not the final design)
Them getting ready for the wedding

Nanki-poo (dressed for the wedding) and Katisha
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Elective 2

For my final piece, i created a latex relief of my arm, decorating it with a similar pattern that i did before. Taking the same thought of having a tattoo to show your heritage and persoanl identiy, i combined it with the idea of creating a temporary tattoo (which has become a recent fashion fad with such brands such as Chanel selling them)

This is the sleeve spread out (reminded me of the skin of yakuza which is collected after their death and collected as a piece of art)

and the sleeve on

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11 January 2011


For our 2nd year, we are doing an elective; mine is Body Adorned.
"This unit offers the opportunity to focus on the relationship between Dress, the Body and Society. A series of Seminars will analyze diverse approaches to decorating the body from the pure classical “ideal” of drapery to the body itself being adapted through manipulation or modification. Body distortion will be explored through the natural cycles affecting our bodies such as ageing, pregnancy and medical conditions and how these can be translated into ideas for construction."
We have to produce a log book and a 3D piece relating to our subject (costume Design).

I have looked into decorating the body, such as tattooing and painting the body, looking at many cultures to find why they do it; be it fashion, to show social rank or even entertainment.
Looking into decorating the body being extraordinarily personal, while clothing just helps us fit into our environment. The photos below are based on Mehndi (henna) which Indian decoration for woman (or men) to put on their hands on feet for celebrations. The reason why I have chosen Mehndi, is because i do count myself as part Indian (even though I am not tecnically). I was brought up being influenced (since birth i would say) with stories, art and food from India sue to my Grandma living there until she was 18. (One main goal inn life is to go to India)

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05 January 2011

New Years

In good old English student fashion, my housemates and I, held a New Years Eve Party.
Named Animal Cocktail New Years Party

Of course being Costume Students we decided to dress up a little, not the best costumes in the world. But a whole lot of fun

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14 November 2010

Peer Gynt Final Design

Final Design for the character the monkey

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Peer Gynt

Peer Gynt
written in 1869 by Henrik Ibsen
For our first project in the 2nd year of Costume Design was to produce a design and a garment for one of the characters in Peer Gynt.
I chose the monkey and after much deep thought about why there was a monkey in there for such a short useless scene. I decided that
this was Karma coming back to Peer. Ibsen portrayal of many females in his plays such as Peer's mother, but also plays such as Heda Gabler and Dolls House, depicts strong women...but they always fall into a tragic ending...the femme fatale. After alot of research of strong women blah ddeee blahh i looked at Femme Fatal in films; Noir films kept creeping up a well as Hitchcock. So placing my play in a time- after looking at so many Noir films i decided to base it around then, with the sleek Hollywood glamour. So 1930s.
Development of that was having a monkey of not. I decided YES. The woman was karma but there still could be a monkey ..kind of like a chiwawa to the modern 'it' girl. And after researching monkeys i went for the most colourful, contrasting monkey to black and white as possible- the Golden Snub Nose Monkeys.

Strong Women
Noir films, Femme Fatal

Pre final design
Monkey puppet from Philip Pullman's play of his dark material

Golden Snub Nosed Monkey (fricken cute)

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30 October 2010

Gin Tama

For Expo October 2010 I cosplayed as Gin Tama... here we go

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